Antioxidant levels v Periodontal Disease

People with chronic periodontitis have low levels of the protective antioxidant glutathione, reported researchers in the December issue of Molecular Pathology. Researchers from the United Kingdom and the United States, led by Dr. Iain Chapple of the University of Birmingham in England, collected plasma and gingival crevicular fluid, or GCF, from 10 patients with chronic…

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Periodontal Status & Nutrition

There is a growing body of evidence to suggest that this is a direct link between nutritional supplementation and periodontal disease. This might explain why a growing number of dentists in the USA are including an antioxidant scan as part of each patient review. Simply put, antioxidants fight oxidative stress in the body (free radicals)…

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Cancer Fighting Antioxidants

Free radical damage effects the cells of our body, DNA and is known to trigger disease. In his program Cancer Fighting Antioxidants, Dr Oz approaches this subject from a prevention viewpoint, recommending that we understand the link between free radical damage and antioxidants – we choose a diet rich in antioxidants.  In this program he…

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